Private Account Management

Includes the identification and on-going review of your investment objectives and constraints, overall investment portfolio design, selection of low cost and institutional mutual funds, monitoring of your individually tailored investment portfolio, tracking and reporting of investment performance, and personal meetings to review all aspects of your portfolio. You will receive on-going financial planning advice such as regular reviews of your retirement plan and investment plan to determine if changes need to be made to achieve your personal goals. In addition, we will work with your estate planning, tax, and insurance advisors or can recommend allied professionals to assist you with achieving all your personal goals.

We will continue to specialize in working with clients that are retired or near-retired and will maintain a minimum required investment of $1,000,000 due to the level of effort and expertise required to manage those relationships. We will also make our services available to the children of our clients, and younger clients that will be making significant future contributions to their investment accounts. A lower initial minimum investment of $250,000 will be required for our client’s children and younger clients.

Private Account Management services are available for an annual fee of 1% of assets managed on the first $1,000,000 with a reduction to .75% for assets managed in excess of $1,000,000.