Ideal Client Profile

Glenn and Betsy Feeney are a college educated couple between 45-65 years of age with $1.0 million or more of investable assets that are approaching a life transition or will require financial guidance and expertise during the Distribution Phase of their financial lives.

They found us through a referral from a friend, co-worker or other professional (CPA or attorney).

As an engaged, long-term oriented client that seeks guidance and has a willingness to delegate investment details, they are delighted our firm offers a personal relationship that is based on impartial, on-going advice and regular communications.

With their desire to find a FINANCIAL PARTNER, our firm’s continuous financial planning and wealth management services are a great solution to meet Glenn and Betsy’s needs.

We believe the people we can be of greatest assistance to are those that are experiencing a significant TRANSITION such as:

  • Changing employers and want to have greater investment selections than are offered in a 401k
  • Transitioning from working to retirement (Distribution Phase of financial lives)
  • Planning on retiring within 5 to 10 years and want to make sure they are on track
  • Moving-up through the management ranks
  • Business owners that are transitioning from investing solely in their business to generating profits and seeking diversification
  • Business owners that are selling their businesses, in whole or in part, and desire to diversify their financial investments
  • People who have been financially successful and indicated that they do not have the time, interest or knowledge to manage their personal financial affairs and investments at their desired level
  • Likelihood of inheriting a substantial amount
  • Relocating to this area