Our Process

An initial complimentary consultation to determine your financial goals and attitudes, familiarize you with our planning approach and services, and show you how we can help you to achieve and maintain financial independence.

Completion of a questionnaire to clearly identify your goals and current financial status.

An educational meeting will be conducted to introduce you to the basic concepts of modern investment theory, provide you with a basic vocabulary framework, acquaint you with our investment philosophy, and complete a formal risk tolerance questionnaire.

Development of retirement and investment strategies tailored to your goals and attitudes, overall investment portfolio design, selection of low cost and institutional mutual funds for your portfolio, formulating programs to minimize taxes, planning estate trusts and providing family protection through appropriate risk management.

Implementation of your investment plan will be coordinated through Charles Schwab and Company's Institutional Service. Implementation of other services will be done in conjunction with you or your other advisors.

An on-going review of your progress will be accomplished by monitoring and analyzing your personal situation and investment portfolio on a regular basis and making adjustments that are consistent with your goals and attitudes, and communicating your results.